Welcome to the home of the Fredericton Fastpitch Association, an organization supporting boys and girls softball in Fredericton. This site will provide you with one-stop information about the FFA and its programs.


FFA was founded in 2006 by a group of former fastpitch softball players, coaches and umpires with the goal of rejuvenating the game of fastpitch softball.  In 2013 the Fredericton Boys Fastpitch Association (FBFA) merged with the popular Fredericton Girls Softball Association (FGSA) to create a single entity for minor softball in the city, the Fredericton Fastpitch Association (FFA).


We are committed to introducing the sport of fastpitch softball to boys and girls in a FUN and POSITIVE environment.  The FFA uses Softball Canada’s ‘Learn to Play’ Program.

Our teams play and/or practice 1 or 2 nights a week locally and competitive teams will participate in the FFA’s year-end jamboree, provincial tournaments and Eastern and Canadian Championships. 

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