Online registration will be active March 14th, 2022. We are using a company called SPORTNGIN to manage our registration system. You will have to create an account if you do not already have one. Payment can be made directly through the site.

Fee's for the 2022 season will be:

LTP U5 (2017/18) - $50.00

LTP U7 (2015/16) - $75.00

LTP U9 (2013/14) - $90.00

U11 (2011/12) - $125.00 **FULL

U13 (2009/10) - $125.00 **FULL

U15 (2007/08) - $150.00 **FULL

U17 (2005/06) - $150.00 **FULL

U20 Women's (2002/03/04) - $150.00 **FULL

U23 Women's (2001/2000/1999) - $150.00 **FULL

This year you will be required to input your childs Rec Card number when filling out registration. You are now able to get a Rec Card online here

After registering with FFA, all players will also be required to individually register through Softball New Brunswick (new SNB policy) BEFORE they will be allowed to step on the field in the spring. Once the SNB registration is up and running the link will be available here. 

There is still a spot for special team requests, please ensure you fill this out if you have any special team requests, otherwise we cannot guarantee to accommodate any requests after registration has closed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions and/or concerns.

Cameron Rogers